Message from Director

Hello and Blessings,

Upon understanding the dynamics of the role as the Director of National Anti-Doping Organization of Belize, I was alarmed at first when I realized the scope and magnitude of the work of NADO.

This important work is pillared by the responsibilities that comes with it, but although there exist many challenges in the anti-doping world, the support that come from the Regional and World Anti-Doping Agencies is always forthcoming.

The support offered by the Regional and World Anti-Doping bodies ensures Quality Assurance practices and the following strict guidelines designed by WADA for the NADO Offices to adhere to.

Anti-Doping is viewed by many as something other than its purpose. However, the most essential purpose is to create a level playing field for athletes of all categories; gender, belief, disciplines etc. This can only be done by creating an environment where athletes will play True and Clean Sports. This is done foremost through education on Anti-Doping practices and rules, and through testing with the reintroduction of athletes into the sporting arena after sanctions have been lifted.

It is the goal of myself and the staff of NADO Belize to create a viable institution for the betterment of all involved in sports.


Gary Ayuso

What We Do

Athlete Testing

NADO is responsible for In and Out of competition testing to ensure clean sport and fair play.


It is the mission of NADO's all over the world, governed by the Code, to promote clean sports.

Anti Doping Education

NADO Belize's National Education initiative will be launched in 2023 and will aim to educate athletes and the various sporting bodies on the responsibilities and governing bodies of NADO.

Prohibited List

The List of Prohibited Substances and Methods (List) indicates what substances and methods are prohibited in sport and when. 
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